Why are the new products sold out?

PREVIEW MODE: All products will show sold out while the shop is in preview mode. This is the only option to allow you a preview without the products being available for sale. Before our release goes live, we will remove access to the shop so we can load inventory. 

How long will it to take to ship our order?

ORDER PROCESSING TIME: We try to keep our order processing time to 1-3 business days when we are not in the midst of a release. Know that we will always try to get orders out much faster than that and we are generally successful. Our goal is to have all initial orders shipped by one week after the initial release. Pre-order products require a much longer process time as we have to order supplies and make the product during the wait time. 

How to store the soap and make it last long?

SOAP: Store your soaps in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. When using your soap, be sure to allow your soap to dry between uses. Do not allow soap to sit in water. Handcrafted soaps contain natural glycerin which is a humectant. This is what makes handcrafted soap so delightful to use. However, it does draw moisture to it so it needs to be cared for properly.  We recommend a plastic or stainless steel soap saver soap dish insert. Handcrafted soap will continue to weigh less over time. This is because the water remaining in the soap will continue to evaporate. This leaves you with a finer, longer lasting soap bar. Handcrafted soap will get better with age, however the scent and colors may fade over time. It's best to use your soap one year from purchase. 

Can I customize my soap?

Yes, absolutely. Please contact us, so we can send out a form for you to fill up the details of your order. Customized order usually takes 5 - 6 weeks for manufacturing and curing. 


GENERAL: Our products do not claim or cure any disease or skin problems. Be aware of ingredients that you may have problems with. Discontinue use and consult a physician if irritation occurs.