What Are The Steps To Learn To Be Successful In Digital Marketing?

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Have you tried digital marketing yet?

Well.. I have tried and failed several times. 

So I thought I should learn properly to be successful in my business so here I am writing a blog about the same. 

Today is second week of my learning path in the digital marketing and I am surprised to learn a lot of new things in a simple manner. 

The first step I learnt today is building a personal brand is very important to become wealthy. 

So this article is definitely going to be very useful for those who are entrepreneurs and introverts like me. 

What did I learn today - Week 2 of digital marketing?

I understood that marketing can be done properly only if we know our niche. 

We have to make a product in a way that we are the only one person who can do it.

If we are able to figure that out, we can find the right people and we can project our products only to them.

Marketing to random set of people will not work as they won't be interested in what we have and what we do. 

Find your niche first and then stick to it. Building a brand cannot be successful overnight.  You have to work on it on long run to see the returns. 

Instead of making 100 random products for random people, make only 10 high quality products and market the same to right people to be wealthy.

Business is all about earning money, becoming wealthy. But how will you do it?

Of course there will be initial twists and turns while making a product but you should keep working on it until you find the right people. 

Importance of Marketing

Marketing is important to grow our brand and to be successful. 

Only Marketing will give direct returns. It can be anywhere like Facebook, google or even in farmers market. 

Without communicating with people, we cannot sell what we have. 

Manufacturing, packaging is a all a primary step in business but the energy we put there will be a waste if we don't market the products. 

Marketing is an investment and I understood that it is a mandatory step to be successful in business. 

If we know how to market and sell, our jobs or business will be safe. 

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing.

Traditional marketing is advertising on newspapers, radio, or even direct communication with the customers. 

Traditional marketing might have worked on early days when there was no internet. 

But since the covid, people started shopping online, watching movies online so it is very important to learn and do digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is nothing but finding the right people on internet and market our products through advertisements, blog posts, social media posts and social media ads. 

 Example of both types of marketing in my business.

I go to a farmers market on Saturdays to sell my handmade products. So I attract customers but setting up the booth. 

Now, when customers approach me to see what I have to sell, I explain them about the available products, how I made it and How its good on their skin, etc. This is called traditional marketing. 

I know that I cannot make a customer buy products right away unless they already know the value of handmade products.

So, In order to give them more information, I collect their email ids. I will then communicate to them by sending emails, posting on social media, etc. So customers will find all these helpful and will convert to a sale. This is called digital marketing.

All these days I have been working on only traditional marketing. It was good in a way but I was able to target only a few customers around the area. If I want to attract customers all over USA or worldwide, I need digital marketing.



CATT is nothing but content, advertise, trust and transaction.

In order to build the above funnel in digital marketing , we need the following. 

C- Content creation:

We need to create a niche first ( eg. The S Soaps Shampoo bars )

Now, we need to create a content for customers to know more about what we offer. Here, I can explain about the raw materials that goes in the product and why we use all those in the shampoo bars. 

So educating the customers with the benefits of the product through blog post, will get their attention and drive more traffic.

A - Attention of Customers

So now that we have the attention of those few customers, we can now work on paid advertising on social media, google, work on SEO. 

Boosting our content will help us find more customers with similar interests and SEO will get us in the top search.

T - Trust

Now that our customers are aware of the quality of the product by reading our content from blog, we now have their trust. 

This is all a time consuming process now but in the future it will all work on itself without much effort. 

10 customers will turn into 100 and so on. This is how we make more money and be wealthy.

T - Transaction

Now once we gain the trust of the customers, it leads to a sale/conversion. 

So, We have to project ourselves in such a way that our products are high quality. Then customers will confidently purchase the products and if they like it, they will refer our business to their friends and family. 

Integrated Digital Marketing:

We need to have talent, passion and market for the products we have to offer. Even if one of them is missing, we won't be able to be successful in what we are doing and it will result in a failure.

Similarly, digital marketing is a group of marketing steps combined together. 

  • Email marketing
  • Blog posts
  • SEO
  • Social Media posts
  • Paid advertising

All the above steps have to be integrated together to get a sale. 


I write about the shampoo bars in my blog post. I explain everything in the post about how's and what's of my shampoo bar. The customer will read the post and will be interested to learn more about what I have to offer so they will subscribe to my newsletter. 

Traffic into reading free content will improve the SEO of my website. I can now share the blog post in social media and also use the paid advertising to boost my blog post.

So all these combined or integrated together will generate sales. 

Personal Branding:

Personal branding nothing but advertising ourself not the company. 

Customers love an interaction from a real person and not the company's logo. 

Example: I am Susaritha and I own a skincare business called The S Soaps LLC. So instead of sending emails from thessoaps, I can send emails from Susaritha. This will be like communicating with the customers directly, personally and face to face. 

Self advertisement is important to have several successful business. 

So, today I may have The S Soaps  and I may sell it tomorrow for a profit. If in future, When I start a new business from scratch, it will be easy for me because people/customers trust me as a brand. 

So self advertisement and branding is important to be successful and wealthy with several business. 


Learn - I learnt to make soaps in a very unique way. I have had a lot of failure. This is finding the niche

Work - I found a recipe that works best and started to work on it to master and I made several successful products. 

Blog - Write content about our products to attract more customers.

Consult - Consulting can be given to the customers who are interested to know more about the products. In my case I educate people on how my products are chemical free.

Mentor - As of now I have not thought mentoring. But I will definitely mentor my daughters for them to take over my business. 

Startup - As I mastered my product, I started my own business to sell. 


I have now mastered my products. My plan is to sell worldwide by selling online. In this new era, only online sales will make us be successful, save on rental/lease costs. 

I do not want physical retail store. I need a factory to manufacture and make sales online like Facebook, google, amazon, Walmart, ebay, Etsy, etc. 

So overall, I feel that digital marketing is needed for all business owners, freelancers and anyone who wants to do business online, make more money. 

I need to sell 1500 soaps a month to make $180k per annum. For this I need to learn digital marketing.

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