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Are you losing a lot of hair when you comb or after shampoo? 

I used to lose a lot of hair too especially after giving birth.

Doctors say we tend to lose after we stop taking the supplements but even with regular supplement intake, I still did lose a lot of hair.

I used to be scared to wash my hair because I was just not able to handle losing a bunch of hair ( almost like 200 hair strands ).

I was bald on forehead and got front bangs to hide it. It was devastating. 

Two Simple and Natural Ingredients for Hair Fall ?

I am actually from India. I remember my mom giving me shikakai paste and aritha  paste alternatively to wash my hair. 

My hair used to be very very thick. I was not able to find a proper hair band or hair clips for my thick hair, it was like that. 

So I then concluded myself that our scalp and hair need natural nutrients to keep our hair strong and healthy for life. 

I then stopped using all the commercial products and switched to using natural hair shampoo like shikaki and aritha. 

I liked it but it got too messy. I had to clean up my bathroom each time I used it and it was time consuming especially with the kids. 

How I made Shampoo Bars ?

Since it is all getting messy every time, I thought why not make a shampoo bar with all the good ingredients.. I also thought of adding apple cider vinegar for extra conditioning properties. 

I went to the kitchen, took all the ingredients and started whipping the soap. I made a hot process soap because I was not patient enough to wait until the soap was ready. 

I made the soap and let the soap cure overnight. I used the soap the very next day in shower and I was mind-blown !!!

I just felt so calm, happy and smelled so good.. :)

Ever since I used it, I only see about 5 to 10 hair strands in my bathroom after wash and about 5 after combing my hair. 

Can this product be used on Colored Hair ?

I love hair coloring and this is the only product I use on my hair after hair color and its amazing. 

I have used all kinds of hair colors like henna, indigo powder, ammonia free hair colors, henna based hair color, hair color with ammonia. 

After using this shampoo bar, my hair volume has increased, hair fall is less and dandruff is also not there. 

Now my whole family uses the shampoo bar and hair is so soft, clean, smooth and healthy. 


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All the Shampoo Bars are scented with Essential oils which provides extra benefits for your hair. 

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